Recurring Activities

Recurring Activities

Since the beginning, the organization has been conducting some recurring activities that are being decided by the Executive Committee in line with the objectives . Mostly these activities are self sponsored or through raising donations both in cash and kind. The key activities are as follows

Awareness programmes : These are conducted on issues such as AIDS, Sanitation, Health, Legal awareness to women,  de-addiction etc. These are conducted with the help of community support and attempt is made to engage the community at large for such activities.

Support to very poor : These are additional material and financial support to very poor family. The beneficiary is decided by the Executive committee of the organization. The support is extended generally to very poor widow, destitute women, very poor children on education, adoption of girl child for their education, aids and implements to physically challenged, support to very poor women groups on entrepreneurship, infrastructural support to poorly functioning institutions such as schools, Creech etc.

Celebration of functions: Important days are celebrated on identified places . The days include Independence day , Republic day, teacher`s day and Children`s day  in schools, women`s day , World AIDS day , Organisation`s formation day , Chhattisgarh formation day etc

Capacity building activity to staff: The organization time to time conducts training programmes for staff on various issues. This is basically for strengthening the organization.

Capacity building to women groups: The organization has been concurrently trying to activate the dormant self help groups through various training programmes and motivating them to take up trades and to participate in community issues.

Networking with other NGOs and Agencies : The organization has been identifying organizations with similar objectives and creating relationship with them . It also attempts to form a network of voluntary organization so that adequate support and resources can be mustered for any developmental activities.