Message From the President

Message From the President

Serving humanity is not confined to philanthropic activities but it has other ways of manifestation, if organised in groups. This group effort has the potential to get into the roots of the problem and solve for larger benefits. This has been the basic tenet of Chetna Child and Women Welfare societie`s philosophy. The organisation is started with a very few committed persons and successful in increasing the members voluntarily through various execution of assignments. In the process it gained experience as well as learnt many things.

It has been a very struggling journey for Chetna Child and Women Welfare Society since its inception to shape it as a potent catalyst for developmental initiatives. The organisation believes in community sustainability and constructive development of society. In this direction the organisation focussed more on the capacity building aspect of every intervention. The process gave wide exposure on the areas of health , education and child related interventions. Even in the direction of livelihood the organisation made good effort and reaped significant success. I am glad to share that we have managed to emerge as  a technically strong organisation especially in the field of HIV interventions, reproductive and child health interventions and child related issues. Further our experiments in the direction of improving livelihood development for poor have reaped vital results that gave strength to the organisation. The credentials came from many agencies and departments and are attributed to the committed staff of the organization as well as the extensive involvement of the office bearers for taking overall responsibilities of various programmes.

Society provides all challenges and opportunities to delve on. It needs a perception and insight to view the real challenge to take up and opportunity to bank on. The overall result shall be certain for progressive outcome. The organisation believes that the same method has the strength to address even the perennial problems of the society. This method is not new but repeatedly reiterated by Gandhiji in his theory of village self-development.

Our efforts in undertaking various types of assignments have developed very good relationship with the governmental departments and we are thankful to the donors and supporting organisations for reposing confidence on us on various subjects. We wish that we will continue living up to the expectations of the donors and supporters as well as fulfil the very objectives of the organisation. We love to take up such tasks in newer areas with newer strategies thereby covering larger target groups. Our commitment level and the team`s expertise is set to take up more challenges in the days to come so that more types of target groups are served. We welcome to associate all those individuals and agencies who have similarity in our objectives and our methods of interventions. It will be a great pleasure for us, if such agencies and individuals contribute to the objectives of the society and we are sure that we can provide a befitting long term companionship amongst us